Murder at Lezzby Avenue

Friday, 1 March at 7:00 pm | Saturday, 2 March at 7:00 pm | Saturday, 6 April at 7:00 pm

A queer Cops ‘n’ Robbers caper from the Lezzwood Players. It’s seedy ’70s London, and the Gay Twins (who love their mother) have shaken the sentence structure of civil society with the Great Comma Felony and the Closing Brackets Racket. Chief Inspector Cressida Clit and her clumsy coppers need your help – can you spot the mistakes, help round up the misplaced apostrophes and restore order? Lezzby Avenue is an original lesbian murder-mystery musical and Comedy of (grammatical) Errors – with sounds of the 70s to get you in the good grammar groove.

Cost: £10 (online) plus booking fee

The performances are now sold out.