Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to hire your spaces?

Our standard hire rates for the theatre are:

  • £100 per session (3 hours) for events and rehearsals plus £30 for each additional hour
  • £150 per session (3 hours) for performances or where public admission is charged plus £30 for each additional hour

Our standard hire rate for the cafe is:

  • £100 per session (3 hours) plus £30 for each additional hour

Our standard hire rate for both the cafe and theatre is:

  • £150 per session (3 hours) for both the cafe and theatre plus £30 for each additional hour

What facilities are available in the theatre and the cafe?

Learn more on our hire pages:

What are the dimensions of the theatre and cafe?

Learn more on our hire pages:

What’s the capacity of the theatre and cafe?

The capacity of the theatre is 60 seated or 80 standing; the downstairs café seats 60.

Can I come see the venue?

Of course! The best times to view are Tuesday or Thursday afternoons between 12 noon and 1:00 pm or between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm. 

The limited availability for viewings is due to the fact that our theatre is in constant use Monday to Friday. To schedule an appointment, please contact Henry Bruce on 07736 273 402 or at [email protected].

How do I book?

In order to confirm your booking, we ask you to complete our booking form and agree to our terms & conditions of hire and pay for your hire in full.

What is the minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is 3 hours with an extra charge for each additional hour.

Do I need to take out my own insurance for the hire?

The Grace Eyre Foundation has a Public Liability policy; however all hirers must take out their own Public Liability Insurance to cover unforeseen accidents incidents and any other events which may cause injury to persons or damage to Grace Eyre premises or equipment.

You will need to ensure that appropriate insurance cover is in place and a copy of the certificate of insurance will need to be presented to us. Please be aware that this may impact on the total cost of your hire.

It should be noted that some household contents insurance policies may cover the insurance for some  equipment and the hirer will need to check with their insurer to clarify. If your event is a one off private party rather than a show, you might find it easier to search online for ‘party insurance’.

Is the Purple Playhouse Theatre accessible?

Yes. For more information, please read more about accessibility at our venue. You are also welcome to let us know if you have any particular access requirements.

I’m coming to a show at the theatre. What time should I plan to arrive?

Please plan to arrive for the show a half hour before it starts. Some shows have intervals and some do not – please ask on arrival if you’d like to know if there will be an interval during your performance.

Do you have a bar?

Yes, our pop-up bar/cafe is on the ground floor and the theatre upstairs on the first floor. We have an alcohol license and – if appropriate and by prior arrangement – can provide a pop up bar until 11:00 pm.

What do you serve at the bar?

We sell a limited range of lagers, ales, red and white wines, spirits, soft drinks, coffees, teas, crisps and chocolate.

Do you take card payments at the bar?

Yes, we accept cards (subject to our internet connection!) and cash at the bar.

Can I take my drink into the theatre?

Yes, drinks can be taken into the theatre.

Do you do ticket splits?

No, we operate on a straight rental basis. You pay a fixed hire fee and keep 100% the box office takings, minus any extras or ticket commission.

Can you sell tickets for my event?

Yes! We use Ticketsource.

Is there charge for selling tickets?

Yes. We levy a flat charge of £1 per ticket sold via Ticketsource, which goes to the theatre to cover our admin costs. For example, a show with a £12 ticket price would result in a total charge to the purchaser of £13.17. This is because a booking fee of 6% of the ticket price (in this example 72p) plus a flat 45p handling fee are added. Our £1 charge is deducted from the ticket price before the booking fee, meaning that in this case £11 would be returned to the performer or show. You are of course free to use other providers if you prefer and if you wish to sell on the door too you would need to provide a person to handle that.

Are there age restrictions at events?

Generally speaking there are no age restrictions, but we do strongly recommend that under 16s are chaperoned. Please be aware that some of our performances and events may include themes and language more suitable for adults (18+).

We operate under Challenge 25, so if you’re over 18 but are lucky enough to look under 25, please be prepared to show us acceptable ID (a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport) if you wish to buy alcohol.